If you want to fulfill your potential and are looking for a company that thrives on innovation, values diversity and rewards performance, consider a career with Cargill.

Cargill has grown from a single grain elevator in the central United States to one of the world’s leading companies. Our goal is to employ great people with imagination who are committed to delivering the best ideas to the industries we serve. What does your future look like at Cargill?

Why choose Cargill?

People choose to work at Cargill for many reasons. Some say it is the respect shown to them by their supervisors. Some appreciate the career growth and development opportunities available in the largest privately owned company in the world. Others value the opportunity to make a difference through Cargill’s community-involvement projects. Still others love working for a company that is governed by a set of ethical ‘Guiding Principles’ which means they can always be proud of the company they work for.

Committed to ethical business practice

Cargill’s policy is constant: Cargill will function as a good corporate citizen in every country where it is privileged to do business. As a minimum this means compliance to all the laws of these countries. It also requires that all business transactions will be the result of lawful & honest competition, and that Cargill business is conducted in an ethical and moral manner. No employee will ever be asked, expected or allowed to compromise these standards.

Committed to valuing differences

Cargill is committed to valuing differences, respecting all individuals and maintaining an environment in which everyone is treated with dignity. This commitment is supported by our long-standing policy of providing equal opportunity in employment to all qualified applicants.

Competitive compensation

We provide a competitive compensation system that takes into account both regional market and industry factors in order to encourage and reward excellent performance. In all of our businesses we pay employees competitive wages in line with the local market rate, no matter where in the world they work.