Flour Milling / Allied Mills

We invite you to discover more about the unique blend of people, resources, capabilities and ingredient products we offer to deliver solutions and value to your business. With our national footprint, broad range of premium-quality ingredients and teams of passionate, innovative people, Allied Mills is uniquely positioned to help you improve your competitive strength and grow. A leader in the manufacture and distribution of food ingredients, Allied Mills is a joint venture uniting the global milling expertise of Cargill with the grain growing, storage and handling experience of GrainCorp, a unique combination our customers benefit from, everyday.

We’re all about solutions

Blending over 100 years of industry-leading food ingredient manufacturing with the latest facilities, technology and access to global resources, uniquely places Allied Mills to help you conquer the most demanding challenges. We go beyond supplying you with premium-quality ingredients by offering resources and tailor made solutions to respond to your ever-changing needs.

Premium quality food ingredients are not created by accident

Our access to diverse wheat varieties from across Australia and global sourcing of to the finest raw materials means we produce flours and food ingredients that deliver ever-improving finished product characteristics and broader applications. Every ingredient we manufacture is carefully formulated to precise specifications, so you can rely on the same quality, safety and consistency in every batch you make. Allied Mills manufactures and distributes a wide range of food ingredients. Some are tailor made for our customers to meet specialised production processes, while others are developed specifically for customers in small business across retail bakeries, foodservice and other food manufacturing. Our broad food ingredients range extends across several categories including:

  • Flours for bread, pastry, cake, biscuit, noodle and culinary applications
  • Premixes for bread, cake, donut and culinary applications
  • Specialty meals, semolinas and brans
  • Specialty flours and grain products including maize, rye and soya
  • Specialty ingredients such as bread improvers, concentrates and yeasts
  • Batters and food coatings
  • Products for animal nutrition applications

Our eye is always on the consumer

We understand that the consumer landscape is always changing. We tap into extensive global resources to understand emerging consumer trends, working closely with you to anticipate the needs of your consumers, from product concept through to commercial reality.

Our people make it all happen

Our team of people are passionate about understanding the unique challenges impacting your business.  We thrive on forming strong relationships which result in new products, new processes, and new solutions to help you grow and succeed.  Many of our customers see us as an integral part of their business planning processes. This strengthens our understanding of their goals and ensures we part of their future successes.  We have teams of specialists who focus their expertise and passion of the needs of particular customer groups. So whether you are a small bakery or café, a national food manufacturer or a large multi-national food company, we have the account managers, supply chain and customer service professionals and product development teams to provide you with the specific support you need.