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Narrabri Environmental Monitoring

Based on requirements set out in our Narrabri Plant's licence we monitor the following emissions:

Annually - Point Source Emissions and Surface Water
We are not required to monitor monthly.

Narrabri Locations of Emission Monitoring Points Inpage
Figure 1: Cargill Narrabri - Location of Emission Monitoring Points as per EPL 902
(Google Earth 2012)

The following table summarises when we expect our next set of monitoring data for each emission types.

Table 1: Expected Future Monitoring Data Sets

Emission Monitoring Expected Date to Post Next Set of Data
Point Source March 2013
Surface Water During any discharge event and 24 hours after a discharge event

Table 2: Surface Water Monitoring Data

EPA Points 17, 18 and 19 at Cargill Narrabri are defined as:

  • Point 17: Baranbar Bridge
  • Point 18: Goobar Bridge
  • Point 19: Sedimentation Pond

Click the links below to view the reports

Surface Water Event January 2013

Surface Water Event March 2013

Surface Water Event March 2014

Surface Water Event April 2015

Table 3: Monthly Summary of Continuous Logger of Surface Water

Location/EPA ID # Date Volume Measurement Period & Monitoring Frequency Required by Licence Units of Measure Year to Date
          Min Value Max Value Average Value EPL Limit Exceeds (yes/no)
19 28/01/13 1978 Daily during discharge, reported monthly KL/day       2000 no
19 01/03/13 1255           2000 no
19 23/03/14 187           2000 no
19 24/03/14 99           2000 no
19 25/03/14 2           2000 no
19 26/03/14 1077           2000 no
19 27/03/14 1589           2000 no
19 04/04/15 433           2000 no

Table 4: Point Source Monitoring Data

Published: Not required to be published until March 2013
Licensee: Cargill Narrabri
EPL no: 902

Qualifications related to Point Source Limits
Samples taken as per EPA's 'Approved Methods'- for the Sampling and Analysis of Air Pollutants in New South Wales.
As per Protection of  the Environment Operations (Clean Air) Regulation 2010 Emissions Limit

Location/EPA ID # Date Pollutant Measurement Period & Monitoring Frequency Required by Licence Units of Measure Value 100% Concentration Limit
            EPL POEO (Clean Air) Reg Exceeds (yes/no)
15 12/03/12 Total Solid Particulates (TSP) Annually mg/m3 117 250 250 no


Total Solid Particulates (TSP) Annually mg/m3 294 250 250 yes
15 27/11/11 Total Solid Particulates (TSP) Annually mg/m3 93 250 250 no
15 10/09/13 Total Solid Particulates (TSP) Annually mg/m3 301 250 250 yes
15 25/11/14 Total Solid Particulates (TSP) Annually mg/m3 57 250 250 no
15 26/11/15
Total Solid Particulates (TSP) Annually mg/m3 60 250 250 no

 We have been working  with the EPA to improve the environmental performance of our plant.
Part of this work is shown in our licence under our Pollution Reduction Programs(PRP).  From 31 March 2012 forward any monitoring we undertake as a result of our PRP will also be published on this page.  Currently we are undertaking a Surface Water Management Plan.  Any monitoring undertaken as a result of this plan will be posted on this page.

In Conclusion

We at Cargill take all reasonable care to make sure the monitored data we obtain is correct and accurate.  If due to events out of our control we find that any of our published data is inaccurate or incorrect, we will provide a correction log.  The correction log will explain the reason for the suspected or actual incorrect data and provide an updated correct monitoring log.  The following table shows how this will be set up in the event it is needed.  To date it has not been needed.

Table 6: Correction Log

Sample Date & Time Original Date Corrected Data Date Corrected Date Originally Published Reason

*NCR- No Corrections are Required 

If you would like to verify anything with us regarding our environmental monitoring data, please feel free to contact us.