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Newcastle Environmental Monitoring

All hours emergency contact for the Newcastle Plant: 1800 192 922

In accordance with the Environmental Protection Licence for the Cargill Newcastle premises, we monitor the following emissions:

Annual - Air emissions from point source, Soil quality

Biannual - Groundwater quality

Quarterly - Treated effluent quality at discharge source

Monthly - Treated effluent discharge quantity

Figure 1: Cargill Newcastle - Location of Emission Monitoring Points as per EPL 5810
(Google Earth 2012) 

Groundwater Monitoring Data 

click the links below to view the reports

Groundwater Monitoring Data 2012

Groundwater Monitoring Data 2013

Groundwater Monitoring Data July 2013

Groundwater Monitoring Data January 2014

Groundwater Monitoring Data July 2014

Groundwater Monitoring Data January 2015

Groundwater Monitoring Data July 2015

Groundwater Monitoring Data January 2016

Groundwater Monitoring Data July 2016

Groundwater Monitoring Data January 2017

Groundwater Monitoring Data July 2017

Groundwater Monitoring Data Jan 2018

Groundwater Monitoring Data July 2018


Soil Monitoring Data

Click the links below to view the reports

Soil Monitoring Data 2013

Soil Monitoring Data 2014

Soil Monitoring Data 2015

Soil Monitoring Data 2016

Soil Monitoring Data 2017

Soil Monitoring Data 2018


Wastewater Monitoring Data

Click the links below to view the reports

Wastewater Monitoring Data 2012

Wastewater Monitoring Data January 2013

Wastewater Monitoring Data April 2013

Wastewater Monitoring Data July 2013

Wastewater Monitoring Data October 2013

Wastewater Monitoring Data January 2014

Wastewater Monitoring Data April 2014

Wastewater Monitoring Data July 2014

Wastewater Monitoring Data October 2014

Wastewater Monitoring Data January 2015

Wastewater Monitoring Data April 2015

Wastewater Monitoring Data July 2015

Wastewater Monitoring Data October 2015

Wastewater Monitoring Data January 2016

Wastewater Monitoring Data April 2016

Wastewater Monitoring Data April 2016 (retest)

Wastewater Monitoring Data July 2016

Wastewater Monitoring Data October 2016

Wastewater Monitoring Data Jan 2017

Wastewater Monitoring Data April 2017

Wastewater Monitoring Data July 2017

Wastewater Monitoring Data Oct 2017

Wastewater Monitoring Data Jan 2018

Wastewater Monitoring Data Apr 2018

Wastewater Monitoring Data July 2018

Wastewater Monitoring Data Oct 2018


Air Emmision Monitoring Data

Click the links below to view the reports

Point Source Monitoring 2013

Point Source Monitoring 2014

Point Source Monitoring January 2015

Point Source Monitoring March 2015

Point Source Monitoring December 2015

Point Source Monitoring December 2016

Point Source Monitoring December 2017

Point Source Monitoring January 2019

Point Source Monitoring January 2019 (additional data)


Treated Wastewater Discharge Flows

Click the links below to view the reports

Flow Data 13-14

EPL 5810 Pt 12 & 13 Flow Monitoring Data 13-14

Flow Data 14-15

EPL 5810 Pt 12 & 13 Flow Monitoring Data 14-15

Flow Data 15-16

EPL 5810 Flow Monitoring Data

Flow Data 16-17

EPL 5810 Flow Monitoring Data

Flow Data 17-18

EPL 5810 Flow Monitoring Data

Flow Data 18-19

EPL 5810 Flow Monitoring Data


In Conclusion

We at Cargill take all reasonable care to make sure the monitored data we obtain is correct and accurate.  If due to events out of our control we find that any of our published data is inaccurate or incorrect, we will provide a correction log.  The correction log will explain the reason for the suspected or actual incorrect data and provide an updated correct monitoring log.  The following table shows how this will be set up in the event it is needed. 

Table 6: Correction Log

Sample Date and Time Original Data Corrected Data Date Corrected Date Originally Published Reason
Monitoring results at Pt 13

Enterococci 30000 CFU/100ml

Faecal Choliforms 800 000 CFU/100ml

Enterococci 2300 CFU/100ml

Faecal Choliforms 500CFU/100ml

29/04/2016 14/04/2016 Inconsistent sampling procedure and conditions at sampling Pt 13. Sampling repeated.

 *NCR- No Corrections are Required

If you would like to verify anything with us regarding our environmental monitoring data, please feel free to contact us.