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Cargill is a major marketer of Australian grain and oilseeds servicing our own domestic processing requirements as well as domestic and international customers. We provide a range of differentiated price risk management and logistics solutions to help our customers succeed. Cargill’s extensive network of international trading offices provides access to world markets for Australian grain and oilseeds.

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Cargill processes over 680,000 tonnes of canola, cottonseed, sunflower seed and soybeans annually in Australia to produce protein meal for animal feed and vegetable oil for foods such as margarine, salad dressings and frying.


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Cargill General Sales Contract Terms and Conditions 2016

Cargill General Sales Contract Terms and Conditions 12 Nov 2016

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AWB originates grain, oilseeds and pulses and has an extensive field origination network with 20 grain marketers located across the Australian grain belt.

AWB farm marketers and grain origination specialists  partner with growers to provide them with  access to an extensive range of marketing  tools to help them prosper 

The AWB origination business  was formed in 2011 when Cargill acquired the trading and origination arm of AWB, the existing origination team has been integrated  to form an expanded team of farm marketers and grain origination specialists.   

AWB  is a wholly owned subsidiary of Cargill Australia Ltd.

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